How to Get the Most out of Your Apartment’s Gym


Having access to an apartment gym is a great way to make your health and fitness a priority. Because of the convenient location, working out doesn’t have to be such a big time commitment, and there is really no excuse for not getting in the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity each week. Read on as we explain how to get the most out of the gym at luxury apartments in downtown Madison.

Have a Plan

When checking out our luxury apartments in Madison, WI, scope out the fitness center area to see what kind of equipment you will have to work with. Once you have seen the area, you can formulate a plan as far as cardio, weights, and workout programs go. By walking in with a plan, you can get the most bang for your buck, getting in a great workout in a shorter amount of time.

Although we are open 24 hours a day, it can be beneficial to work out at a few different times so you can find out when peak times are and, if possible, try to find a time when there are no crowds.

All about the Intervals

If you find yourself running low on time, interval training can be a great way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Alternating between lower- and higher-intensity exercises keeps you working hard, and you can alter them to fit your needs. Whether you are running, lifting, jumping rope, or anything in between, try keeping your intensity high for 30-60 seconds, then allow a recovery period of 30 seconds, and repeat the process several times.

Set Up Circuits

Circuit training is another great way to maximize your time and equipment to get in a killer workout. Choose 3-5 exercises, preferably ones that work similar muscle groups, and set up a station for each. Determine how many repetitions of each you want to perform, then go through each station once with minimal rest in between. Rest for a few minutes once you are done, then repeat the process.

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